Power BI Summer School 2020, sun, fun and …

Power BI Summer School 2020, sun, fun and …

We, at Quanto, always look at Power BI with a big grin on our face. We love this stuff. And, since we are working with it for more than a decade, we know much of Power BI. Starting with Power Pivot in Excel, way back to 2010, Power BI has been develop from an add-in in Excel to a complete new Power Platform. As veterans and MVP’s Michiel Rozema belong to the best in the world.

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And we know that this picture of the Microsoft Power Platform is too narrow; there is more going on in this platform. To keep track of all the new stuff that comes to us in a regular and continuous stream, we really need to tiptoe. But how do you keep track of the new possibilities and upcoming changes?

And maybe you want to do a little experiments with the different applications, just to test what you might use tomorrow. For this situation Quanto created the Power BI Summer School. It’s not a normal training or conference. The formula of the Power BI Summer School has more Power in it.

From  22 to 25 June 2020 we take the participants of the Power BI Summer School 2020 with us for three days in a hotel on the Dutch beach. We stay three nights in this hotel. And as you can see, the hotel is directly located on the beach. By the way, the stay in the hotel is included in our arrangement😊.

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So Quanto offers you sun, fun and Power BI. We know that filling your brains with new knowledge can only be done in a narrow window of time in one day. There will be a moment that your brains can not load more information. So it is very important to gently feed you with new knowledge and combine it with other activities.

So, lots of Power BI related stuff, but also a BBQ on the beach and a mystery tour. Last’s year mystery tour was a trip on the North Sea with a former rescue boot. We, at Quanto, know what this year’s mystery tour will be. But for you it will stay a mystery, until the moment is there.

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On top of that we have the best presenters. The majority of our presenters are Microsoft MVP (Most Valued Professional), a prestigious Microsoft award for outstanding Data Platform qualities. You may expect to learn new stuff around Power BI, PowerApps, Power Automation and much, much more. Be assured that the best Power BI quality will be around to spread their knowledge. We also reserve time for Q&A, so these top experts can help you with all your questions.

In my humble opinion, the Power BI Summer School is a really unique event. So, if you are interested in participating in this event, I’ll invite you to our webpage https://quanto.eu/en/events/power-bi-summer-school/ There you find more practical information about prices, trainers and, of course, our program. I really do hope to meet you in June.